Nicki Stearns | Bumbershoot Theatre Branding
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Bumbershoot Theatre is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to introducing youth and their families to the magic of theatre.


In late 2014, myself in collaboration with designer, Keely Portsmouth, volunteered to design both a new website and a poster series for Bumbershoot Theatre’s Season 7 lineup.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress


The biggest challenge for Bumbershoot Theatre was updating their website. The previous website was not built to scale or be updated on a regular basis. It was a standard HTML/CSS website, not built on a content management system. In addition to the technical limitations, the website was dated and didn’t reflect the vibrant theatre programs Bumbershoot hosted.


Based on the need for many people to update the website on a daily basis, we decided to develop the website on a content management system. We decide to go with WordPress due to the large amount of templates and support available, plus ease of use for the average user.


We next chose a base template to build our designs on. After picking a template, I worked to migrate the old website to a new hosting plan, install WordPress and the base template.


After, Keely and I worked in tandem, in our own time, to design and create a style guide for the new website. Keely tackled the logo and colors (spec sheet – above/below image), while I worked on the website layout for each page.


In addition to a redesigned website, Keely and I both contributed three posters each for the Season 7 show lineup. We agreed on a common style and monochromatic color palette for each poster, then started the illustration work.


I illustrated the Charlie Brown, Ivy & Bean, and Nancy Drew posters, while Keely worked on Beauty & the Beast, Big Sister Little Brother, and The Giver.