Nicki Stearns | The Designer
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Sr. Product Designer @ Sprout Social in Chicago, IL.


Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to experiment and learn what truly drives me. I started my career at Disney Marketing as a production graphic designer with print as my medium, from there I made a big leap to Canada to work for Disney Interactive at Club Penguin. I didn’t just make a country move, I made a ‘cross-the-country to another country’ move, but more importantly I made a career change. I’d found my passion, digital design. At Disney Interactive, my brain was stretched to think of design differently, not just for the standard audience, but for multi-generational, multi-lingual audiences. I’ve learned so much at Disney—mobile integration, game design, how to mentor a junior designer—all while designing and launching a mobile-specific MMO on Android and iOS. After Disney, I wanted to make the transition back to the USA and try something new. I got that opportunity at Sprout Social, as a Sr. Product Designer on the Engagement Tribe. At Sprout Social, I’m now using all I’ve learned to design solutions for small to large companies to engage with their customers.

Interesting Facts

The Animal Lover

I’m a self-professed animal lover. If I could afford it, I’d donate to every dog charity out there. Dogs are my true weakness and I love them all, from little Chihuahuas to large Great Danes. Some day I want to start my own doggie day care or charity, or just adopt 10 dogs to live with my dog, Henri.

The Gamer

I love video games. Once I start a game, I can’t put it down. My favorite game series is Fallout. I would drop everything I’m doing to work for Bethesda on anything Fallout related. I’m not sure what my role would be, maybe just ‘Obsessed Fan Girl Who Sits In The Corner’. Perfect job…

The Crafter

In the past I’ve built a couch, chairs, desk, longboard rack, ottoman, and kitchen island. I also sew. In college I used my sewing skills to craft eco-friendly stuff animals to teach kids about endangered animals for my BFA project. Check out my Instagram for my latest adventure… lettering.

The Disney Fan

My family is what I’d like to call a Disney Family. We’ve been visiting the Disney parks 2-3 times a year since I was 13 years old. It’s part of what made me pursue a job with Disney. I know a lot about Disney, especially when it comes to planning a visit to the Florida parks. Need Disney vacation advice, I’m here to help.

Brands I’ve Worked On